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Braille 2000: Textbook Transcription from Start to Finish
Producing high-quality digital and embossed braille using Braille 2000 and NIMAS files has never been easier! Register for this series of 6 webinars and learn how to acquire NIMAS files, then format content using Braille 2000 tools. Some knowledge of BANA’s Braille Formats 2016 is recommended; it is not required to be an Accessible Media Producer with NIMAC in order to participate.

Instructor: Rosemary Baggott
Instructor’s Title: Braille Transcriber
Instructor’s Affiliation: Rhyomai, Inc.

Session 1 (5/16): Learn NIMAS file basics, how to access and download a file from NIMAC site, and how to convert the NIMAS file and perform initial formatting using BrailleBlaster or Braille 2000.

Session 2 (5/17): Learn how to set up your text and format transcriber-generated pages, as well as the basics of how to quickly navigate within your transcription project.

Session 3 (5/23): Learn how to utilize the features in Braille 2000 to edit and format Pagination, Tables of Contents, and Typeforms.

Session 4 (5/24): Learn how to utilize the features in Braille 2000 to edit and format Headings, Lists and Tables, and Alphabetic References.

Session 5 (5/31): Explore some other features you may find in NIMAS-generated files, including: sidebars, line numbered text/poetry, footnotes, Math/MathML, and pronunciation keys.

Session 6 (6/1): Q & A
Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Amy Campbell.